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Kitchen Remodeling – First Level Confidence!

At Equity Builders and Remodeling, we provide professional remodeling services in Los Angeles. That is why we have a specialized and trained team for this type of work, such as kitchen remodeling. We redesign your kitchen based on your taste with a functional and modern design.

We always advise you with ideas and information. Thanks to kitchen remodeling, you will be able to renovate the facilities completely, and we take care of the entire remodeling process from start to finish.

Every remodeling project in Los Angeles must consider not only aesthetics but also practicality. In the case of kitchen remodeling, this takes more value because, first and foremost, it is a space with a specific function: cooking. If you do not dislike the current distribution of your kitchen, but you want to make a change, maybe it is enough to change the paint on your walls or cupboard.

But do not worry, because we can help you with whatever you need, from more minor remodels to total remodeling. Thanks to kitchen remodeling, you will be able to have the kitchen you are looking for.

Whether it is a simple renovation or a major remodeling, the change of colors in your kitchen is one of the aspects that cause more joy. Still, before the tones, you must choose the perfect paint for your kitchen because it is a space with different needs to the other interiors of your home.

The kitchen, being the laboratory where meals are created and enjoyed by family and friends, is exposed to vapors and ingredients that can stain the walls, so you need a paint that is resistant to moisture, easy to wash, and with maximum durability and corrosion resistance. As mentioned above, when contracting kitchen remodeling, we will advise you with all the essential information before you decide, considering all the factors.

Are You Thinking On Remodeling Your Garage? Call Us Now!

An ADU, which stands for an accessory dwelling unit, essentially serves as a secondary dwelling unit on any single-unit residential lot. There are many different ADUs, basement conversion ADUs, ADUs for new detached construction, ADUs for additions, ADUs above garages, and garage conversion ADUs.

When it comes to your garage, converting it into an accessory dwelling unit may be the best possible decision for your home, particularly in cost and convenience. The garage, which will serve as the shell for your ADU, is already built so that you will reduce construction costs.

ADU garage conversion fits in seamlessly with the rest of your home, and it probably already has electricity and water, which means you will not have to go to the effort of installing electricity and plumbing in your ADU. ADU garage conversion is a subtle way to incorporate additional living space into your single-family dwelling unit – chances are even an outsider won’t notice what you’ve done differently with the house!

At Equity Builders and Remodeling, we can help make your dreams of converting your garage into an ADU come true! Whether you need extra space to act as a guest room or bring in some cash if you want tenants, we can help you redesign and rebuild your garage to meet your needs.

Modernize Your Bathroom

We also make a bathroom remodel, adapting the style to each type of need. The remodeling aims to achieve the best comfort, aesthetics, and functionality adapted to your taste.

Before starting the remodeling of your bathroom, it is necessary to know what is the current state of the toilet in terms of design, distribution, lighting, functionality, as well as the location of the structures and their condition as in the case of beams, walls, floors, columns, structural or load-bearing walls.

After this, our professionals will be able to continue with bathroom remodel. For this reason, we always arrange an inspection before starting the work. Once this step is done, the only thing you have to do is to tell us what you are looking for! It can be a simple remodeling like changing the colors or some other detail or requesting a complete remodeling service! The important thing is that you meet your expectations and end up satisfied with the service.

The experience of our team, their professionalism, constant training, and the support of our clients provide the peace of mind and confidence that you are looking for when remodeling bathrooms. We work with first quality materials, and we are detailed from the beginning to the end of the work, looking for perfection and providing guarantees in each finished reform.

We are proud to be the most requested remodeling service in the business! Thanks to our successful kitchen remodeling work, we have been able to expand our skills and abilities. Please don’t wait any longer and contact us before it is too late. The change you were looking for is now at your disposal!

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