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Granny Flats With Garages – A Trusted Company

Equity Builders and Remodeling is the company you were looking for if you will build a granny flat or are thinking of remodeling your home in Los Angeles! We are one of the best companies in the area and will indeed have what you were looking for! Get the best female contractor in the Farming, NM area to help you with building your dream home!

Granny Flats With Garages – What Is A Granny Flat

Nowadays, many people have started to consider that building a living space for family members in their home in Los Angeles is a good idea due to the surging costs of living expenses. This also brings the family together or can even be used to make a little side money by renting them.

These living spaces are generally known as granny flats because they attract grandparents’ attention, especially as they don’t need ample living space and can keep them next to their family members.

Granny flats have plenty of designs but are designed for one or two people generally. For example, people might use the granny flat for young adults, rent it, and have a living space for the nanny.

Do take note that some counties have zoning laws and restrictions that ban the leasing of these buildings. Realtors have said that granny flats (Accessory dwelling units) are becoming great selling points and increase property value!

Granny Flats With Garages – Benefits Of A Granny Flat

A granny flat is beneficial in several ways, but the main ones are the following reasons:

  • Keep your family close to you. When having a granny flat available, you can keep cousins who visit or your elderly father. Accommodations for older adults have skyrocketed in the last years. This can be a way of reducing costs and also keep the family close and knit together!
  •  Workplace or studio, a granny flat would be a perfect place where you can work from home or have a creative space to let your mind flow.
  •  As mentioned before, you can increase your property’s value, so if you want to sell the property in the future, it will be more attractive to buyers.
  •  Earn rental income. You could earn a little more by renting the space to someone so that he can enjoy the benefits of living in your area with you!

Granny Flats With Garages – Things To Take Into Account When Building A Granny Flat

At Equity Builders and Remodeling, we have some advice for you when thinking about building a granny flat. First of all, you should know that sometimes it might end up costing more than what you initially thought it would cost as some situations and problems can’t be avoided and end up delaying the remodeling or building of a granny flat.

Adding a new building to your property will increase maintenance costs and have you deal with increased expenses if you can’t rent it. Also, you must have the correct council approval permits before starting the construction as it can cause future problems to you.

Granny Flats With Garages – Some Granny Flat Designs

There is a long list of granny flat designs available to you, and depending on your location and needs, one of these designs will be the correct one for you! The five main designs are the following:

  •  Attached granny flats
  •  Granny flats with garages
  •  Two story granny flats
  •  Detached granny flats

Each of these designs has its pros and will fit your best depending on your needs. For example, an attached granny flat is joined to the main building, and it’s designed to fit perfectly with it. The attached granny flat will have to have a separate entrance will need to have a fire-rated wall connecting both buildings.

Regarding granny flats with garages, these are good ways to add garages to your property as they don’t count as a habitable space and can be attached to a granny flat without counting to the internal living space limit of the permits!

When talking about two story granny flats, homeowners have learned that, just like mentioned before, they can add living space to their property. Still, instead of being next to it, they are on top of the garage while also increasing property value!

Detached granny flats are mainly used to increase the value of a property and to rent. They have a separate entryway to the main house and sometimes are separated from the main house by a fence to create more privacy.

So, stop looking for companies who end up disappointing you. Give us the chance to help you build the flats you want. We promise you will not regret choosing us!

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