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Granny Flat Designs – The Top Contractor In The Area!

Are you looking to remodel or build your dream home in Los Angeles? Then we are the place you want to contact! Equity Builders and Remodeling is the best contractor you can get in the whole area, and we are sure to get the job done like no other.

We can do everything from building a granny flat from scratch to remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. We even do insurance work, so we will work with you if your house in Los Angeles gets damaged by a storm!

When hiring us, you will be employing the best contractor in the whole state that will be able to assist you with the entire process! What are you waiting for? Please get in contact with us!

Granny Flat Designs – Do You Want To Build An Accessory Dwelling Unit?

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU), also known as a granny flat, is a great living area attached or detached to the main property building. These units or granny flats are usually spaces made for 1 or 2 people.

The term granny flat is used because it was popularized by families that want their elderly family members to remain close to the rest of the family and to have a nice living space were to leave that will not be as expensive as an elderly home.

There are plenty of granny flat designs nowadays, especially as they have become more prevalent in recent years. They have become so popular that realtors are now saying that they can even improve property value.

Granny flats are used for nannies, young adults and to receive guests or, in some cases, to rent them and alleviate costs. Some people even use the ADU’s as a working space or studio, so let us know for what purpose you want it, and we will adapt its design to your desires!

Granny Flat Designs – Granny Flat Designs That Could Interest You

There are many granny flat designs you can use when building a granny flat from scratch. Each of them has its good points and can purposes. We at Equity Builders and Remodeling have four main designs that we highly recommend and offer our clients. These are the following ones:

  •  Detached and attached granny flats
  •  Two story granny flats
  •  Granny flats with garages
  •  Detached studio

These designs are great and will adapt to your needs and what your council and laws permit. For example, two story granny flats are good if you don’t have much space but want to add living space on top of your garage.

This space will be used for rent or even for an elderly family member while not losing garage space. A detached studio is a granny flat but is constructed to have a place to work or do leisure activities instead of living space.

Granny flats with garages are used to increase living space in your property and increase its value while not losing garage space.

When dealing with attached or detached homes, you should know that attached granny flats should have access, it has to share a wall with the main property house, and that there can’t be an internal door connecting both buildings.

Detached granny flats are the perfect granny flat to rent as it has space between the main home and gives everyone more privacy. It has a different entryway and, most times, a fence, assuring both parties the privacy they want and need.

Granny Flat Designs – Things To Take Note Of When Deciding To Build A Granny Flat

When deciding on whether to build or not to build a granny flat, you should consider a few things.

First of all, that you will have to follow not only zoning laws but also building restrictions, neighborhood rules, and municipal statutes, among other regulations, this is easy to circumvent if you already have a garage, but if you are building all the structure from scratch, you will have to follow all regulations and get the appropriate permits.

When deciding what granny flat design to have, you should also determine the amenities you want your design to have. Choosing this beforehand will help you have a clear budget.

When building a granny flat only to increase property value and rent it, you should also consider that it might take some time to rent it, making you incur losses for a more extended period. You should also consider that sometimes situations during construction delay the finish date and can even increase costs!

Also, having a granny flat, for example, at the back of your lot or the sides, could increase overall security, and you might be able to share some of the costs of maintaining the lawn or childcare, for example, with your tenant!

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