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Garage To ADU Conversion – Reliable And Affordable Contractors At Your Service!

If you want to add rooms to your home or even make a guest house, why not do a garage to ADU conversion? Equity Builders and Remodeling is the contracting company in Los Angeles that can help you with that. We are more than prepared to help you with all of that and more!

When hiring us, you will be getting the best female contractor in Los Angeles at your side prepared to help you achieve your dream home. Whether you need it to build from scratch or just if you need to remodel your kitchen or bedroom, we can also turn your old kitchen into your dreamed kitchen! We would love to help you achieve that!

One of the easiest ways to do so is by doing a garage to ADU conversion. You might be wondering what an ADU is? ADU stands for an accessory dwelling unit, a small living place that can be found in some properties. We can even help you design your ADU garage plans and accompany you through the whole process!

Garage To ADU Conversion – ADU Design

If you are wondering what ADU design to choose, we can help you with that. Also, each method has its benefits and can serve different purposes depending on the purpose of the ADU you are planning to build.

  •  Attached
  •  Interior
  •  Detached
  •  Two-story

Each of these designs will be used with different purposes and objectives. For example, an interior design would convert a garage, basement, or attic into a living space due to space constraints. People have realized that additional space can help them have a suitable working home environment or studying environment.

Detached designs are typically used to turn the ADU into a new source of income by renting it. Two-story designs are a way to gain habitable space of the garage, for example, and bring family home or increase the family space.

So, depending on what you need from the ADU, the ADU design you choose will be different. That is why when choosing a plan, you should know what the purpose of that ADU will be in the future.

Garage To ADU Conversion – Should You Do An ADU Conversion?

When doing a garage to ADU conversion, you should consider a lot of factors like that most property values go up a 20% percent generally after an ADU is added to the main building, you should think about your future ways of transportation because if you remodel your garage into an ADU, you won’t have a place to park your car.

It would be best if you also considered that you would have to do extensive work and make sure that your ADU garage plans follow the regulations set by your neighborhood and by municipal laws.

Most of the regulations can be avoided due to having a garage previously, but you will still have to check and see if the new ADU will be on the law as if not in regulation, it can cause future problems.

If the ADU, for example, will be used to have an extra source of income by renting it, you will have to have specific regulations. Still, if the ADU will be used as a spare room or working/studying place, you will not have to follow the same rules!

Garage To ADU Conversion – Challenges And Things To Take Note Off When Deciding To Build An ADU

If you are thinking about building an ADU, then you should consider the following things before deciding on whether to do it or not. First of all, you should check what permits and requirements your local neighborhood and local government ask you to follow when building an ADU.

You should also be sure about the cost of building an ADU and see if you can get additional financing from the bank before going all in and start building. You should know that sometimes additional costs can appear when construction starts due to bad weather and other problems with your local government.

Luckily though, local governments have started becoming laxer with their requirements for ADU building and remodeling in the last few years. If you are thinking about renting the ADU, you should also consider that it might take some time to rent the new ADU and during that time, you will be suffering losses, so you should prepare beforehand not to be caught unprepared.

It would be best also to consider that you will have to do plenty of upgrades to your garage to make it into a comfortable living space. You will have to improve ventilation, heating, and insulating the garage, change the floor and do all the electrics and plumbing again. This will add costs, but Equity Builders and Remodeling are more than happy to assist you with all of these! Give us a call and talk with us. We will help you throughout the whole process!

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