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Cash in My Garage

  • Earn steady income in a hot rental market
  • Increase the value of your property significantly
  • ADUs are exempt from rent control
  • Offers the BEST return on an investment
  • We help you with financing
Equity Builders and Remodeling - Cash in My Garage


I specialize in building adus that maximize your rental income. My goal is to give clients the optimal return on their investment as efficiently as possible so they can start earning income quickly.

As an investor, property manager and contractor, I have dedicated years to finding the best formulas in order to obtain passive income so I can achieve my personal goal of financial freedom. I’ve always been drawn to real estate because of its potential to leverage capital and safeguard against inflation. I have never seen an investment vehicle as attractive as building an adu in my existing property – it is truly a “life hack.”

Building an adu has allowed me to considerably lower my monthly mortgage without compromising comfort and quality of life. Since then, I’ve become a vocal preacher of the benefits of having an adu in your property.

If you’re considering investing in real estate, then you must stop shopping for properties and start maximizing the one you already have. There will be no better roi than this.

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