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Building Onto A House – Our Work Philosophy

We believe that it is essential to have a work philosophy that adapts to the pretensions and needs of each client. The professionals of this team are constantly oriented to provide the best and most updated projects. We have significant experience and qualifications when remodeling all types of rooms or interior and exterior spaces of a house. We are also qualified to perform partial or total constructions to be the best option available when it comes to modifying a place to enjoy a better home in Los Angeles. Equity Builders and Remodeling is entirely up to date on the latest developments and essential innovations in remodeling in Los Angeles. That is why we know all the styles and provide each client with the best suits them. In this way, considering the pretensions of each client, we can offer an innovative and highly satisfactory result. If you want to enjoy a renovated home, you only need to count on the Equity Builders and Remodeling team.

New Spaces For A Home

On many occasions, a family may become more prominent, and more members will be living in the same house. In this situation, it is necessary to have a larger home, although it is unnecessary to sell that home to buy another one. Our services can save all this procedure since we can offer “build an addition to my house.” For this, we consider the pretensions of each family while we take care of each of the essential details so that this new project is fulfilled. It could also happen that many people decide to look for “build an addition to my house.” On many occasions, this is a task that amateurs can do or by the members of the household themselves. We are at a professional level and can do any of these projects to perfection. We also take care of all the necessary tasks such as electrical and plumbing connections. As if that wasn’t enough, we also avoid the stress that a family can endure taking care of this task themselves.

Major Home Modifications

There are different levels of complexity in home construction and remodeling projects. It is essential to have enough experience to be able to handle any of these projects successfully. One of the most requested projects is the construction of a granny flat. This is a new home within the grounds of the main house. Usually, this type of home is intended for the elderly members of a family. It is one of the best ways to protect the most vulnerable people in a family as this allows them to live close to all family members. We also can ultimately build a granny flat according to the needs and wishes of the whole family. In such a way that to enjoy a significant number of spaces for all the house members, it is only necessary to count on our services.

New Home Construction

Our team of experts not only can build partial structures that complement a home or make modifications. We also can take care of a building onto a house. Many people want to develop such a project because of its advantages. One of the most apparent advantages is that there is no need to buy another piece of land to build a new house. We have all the necessary knowledge and tools to create a building onto a house in the best possible way. In addition to this, we also take into consideration other additional aspects.

  • Energy efficiency: We believe that energy efficiency for a home is essential even when it is a building onto a house. High energy efficiency prevents a family from spending a large budget on electricity. So an excellent building onto a house should provide adequate energy efficiency considering the needs of the family.
  • Tools and labor: Whenever we take on a building onto a house, we also consider the work to be necessary. For this, we only have professional members who are highly experienced in all types of construction and remodeling. Even the tools we apply to our work are of the highest professional quality. All this makes any task easier for us and allows us to complete a job in less time.
  • Exteriors and interiors: When it comes to completing a building onto a house project, we also consider each interior and exterior space. In this way, we manage to make the best use of all available space. We also tend to work together with our clients, attending to the pretensions of each one of them and offering the best alternatives in a building onto a house. Give us the chance to help you build your dream house!
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