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Building A Granny Flat – The Best And Most Affordable Builders And Remodelers

Are you looking to build your dream home in Los Angeles? Maybe remodel your kitchen or bathroom? We are capable of doing all that and more! Equity Builders and Remodeling can do that and more! We have one of the best contractors in the whole state and some of the best builders!

When choosing us, you choose the best contracting company in the whole city of Los Angeles. We will be able to build your dream home or help you actualize it! What are you waiting for? We are sure to be able to assist you.

We can even help to build a granny flat for you and your elderly family members! With it, you can keep the family together and save a bunch of money in retirement home fees!

Building A Granny Flat – Why We Recommend It

At Equity Builders And Remodeling, we highly recommend our clients build granny flats because they are a great way to maintain your family together and a great way to make some income if you so desire.

Building granny flat in backyard is not an expensive thing to do. It can bring considerable benefits to you and your property, always obviously taking some other factors into account. For starters, for example, building a granny flat can increase property value. T,

his means that if one day you ever want to sell your home, you will receive more money. We know this because realtors have told us that buyers are looking for homes with these types of constructions added, and we have also seen an increase of clients asking us to build granny flats for them!

If you are looking to invest, you can also rent the granny flat to someone and end up with a good extra income for you and your family! And if you so desire, you can even end up sharing lawn maintenance costs or even child care costs with your tenant!

We have also seen cases, for example, where an elderly client of ours decided to build a granny flat where she could leave and rent her other properties making herself a good income plus her retirement money! Having an extra person living on your property also increases your security!

You will also have to decide what type of granny flat you will want to have. This includes designs and amenities and other kinds of things you would like to add to it! For example, some people prefer not to add a full kitchen as this would increase costs and regulations and choose to add the basics so that their family members can live there comfortably.

Building A Granny Flat – What To Know Before Building A Granny Flat

When deciding whether you are building granny flat in backyard or not, you should know all the design possibilities you have and what those designs add to your property! Each design has a different cost and depending on what you want at the end of it. The granny flat will end up costing more or less, so no reasonable price can be given without talking to the customer directly and knowing what that client wants.

For example, a client might want a two-story granny flat with 1 room, but other people might wish to have a detached granny flat with 2 or 3 rooms! Now you might be wondering what a two-story granny flat and a separate granny flat is. There are 5 main designs for your granny flats, and they are the following ones:

  • • Detached granny flat
  • • Attached granny flat
  • • Two-story granny flat
  • • Granny flat with garages
  • • Detached studio

Each of these 5 designs has its uses and benefits. The detached studio is used to have a working place or a leisure place separate from the main building. The attached granny flats are connected to the main building by sharing a wall (due note that there can’t be an internal door between the two) and a separate entrance from the main building.

Detached granny flats are one of the most common ones as they can also be used to rent and earn an extra side income and help the family’s financial situation in the long run or be used as a living space for young or elderly family members!

Two-story granny flats are the ones that are built on top of garages when there is a lack of space or to maximize space; these are good options depending on your current situation. Granny flats with garages are also a good option, as, with this option, one can get extra garage space.

When building, you should consider the permits needed for it and the laws and neighborhood covenants you have to follow. Also, think about the cost of building and financing before going ahead, so be prepared for all of these and you will surely be able to have a good experience.

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